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Make sure 2020 is your year!

2020 is certainly proving to be an interesting year so far!

Last time I talked about reviewing your career options and evaluating what you want from your life. I have been doing that, and it has raised some surprising further questions. I realised that what I thought I wanted was no longer of interest to me anymore.

Many years ago, I read The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart, and I decided to take a chance and go with it, rather than over analyse the situation and prevaricate. I do sometimes dream of devoting either a whole week or a month to 'making dice decisions'. I am curious to see where it could take me. I think it could be a lot of fun, and inspire me to take more risks as I am naturally risk-averse.

But, in essence, what I am inviting you to do is explore what it is that you truly want? Take the time to note how you are feeling, and to recognise what brings you joy, and do more of that.

Do something different this February, and create the momentum for 2020 the year where you start to create more of the life you want.

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